This website includes slides, tutorial sheets and solutions for the various couses I teach at Imperial College London.

Multi-Scale Modelling

Here are the notes for the continuum part of the multi-scale modelling course I teach. This is for masters students who have a background in a mathematical subject. Slides for the lectures, part one notes and part two notes two, as well as background notes.

The lectures are available:

The content includes:

and the aims for the course were as follows:


Intro Course

In order to address the lack of general Python teaching here at Imperial, I put together and gave a three part introduction course through the HPC support here at Imperial. This class was aimed at beginners and also for those who want to switch from Matlab to Python.

HPC Summer School 2017

Given the interest in this course, I ran again as part of the summerschool. This was split over two days:

The modular and object oriented approach taught in these course is the basis for open-source visualisation software, pydataview.

Roll Royce 2017

I was employed by Roll Royce to deliver a course over two days at their headquarters in Darsbury back in 2017. The feedback was very positive from this course, with 35 candidates rating the "professional competence of the trainer" as 2.89 out of 3, a rating of 2.7 out of 3 for "how satisfied were you with the organisation of the training" and an "overall rating for the course" of 2.7 out of 3. The full summary is here. Please contact me if out would be interested in organising teaching.